The Living Wilderness

At Living Wilderness Bushcraft school we provide a inspiring learning platform for outdoor craftsmanship. Our instructors share their expert knowledge and life learnt skills to you on our courses, in bushcraft, backcountry living and traditional crafts; we have a range of authentic outdoor courses for all levels to choose from.

Here at, you can avail of our ever growing array of written articles and videos from our first-hand knowledge and experiences in the outdoors and the essential skills that go with that. You can also keep up to date with all our wild adventures, with relevant videos and articles on what we have been up to in the woods, and pick up some tips on how you too can thrive in the wild.

A Week In The Woods

In this video I have set up a bushcraft camp and spent a week camped out in Mayo in February 2013 whilst working doing woodland maintenance, felling trees, cutting out rhododendron and coppicing hazel. You get to have a look at some of what a woodsman gets up to