Johnny Walshe

Johnny is the founder and head instructor of Living Wilderness Bushcraft School. A qualified NCFE buschcraft instructor, Johnny has also trained as an herbalist for four year under Gina McGarry, has been an artist and craft worker for more than 20 years and has worked seasonally in traditional woodland maintenance for 16 years.

A keen outdoors man, Johnny spends his time making and creating anything he can lay his hands too. He also runs, with his partner Claire, a successful alternative healing and therapy practice called Imbás Healing. Having travelled extensively throughout Europe, India and parts of South America he experienced many of the skills he teaches used first hand by people for whom it is just living and have never heard the term bushcraft.

He holds a deep love and respect for traditional crafts, knowledge, practices and traditions which he blends seamlessly with contemporary knowledge and brings into his teaching, believing these skills are living and evolving and as relevant today as they always have been and that the awareness and respect that is found within these for the earth form an integral part in maintaining a healthy existence on all levels.