Bushcraft Courses

2018 Course Dates  

Here at Living Wilderness Bushcraft School, we have worked very hard at developing our courses to help you learn in a productive and efficient manner, within a friendly and supportive environment.  We aim to provide the highest quality in all our endeavors, and as such have structured all our series of courses in a specific manner, with a lot of care and attention. Within our Bushcraft Series the first course is Bushcraft Basics.  If you want a gentle introduction to bushcrafting, or you wish to attend with a family, this is the place to start for you. Our next course is Bushcraft Essentials, which is the foundation course for our system of bushcraft training.  This is an intensive weekend designed to provide you with a solid grounding in the five core aspects of bushcraft.  Even for those who have considerable experience under their belt, our Bushcraft Essentials course is designed in such a way as to able to accommodate a more in-depth training for those who require it.  Its our recommendation to attend our Bushcraft Essentials course  before attending the Living Woodland & Woodland Living but it is not a prerequisite. After this course, all the courses in our bushcraft series are modular, and can be taken in any order that suits you as a student.  We have structured the courses in this manner as it facilitates a more in-depth and holistic learning experience. Over the years we have found it to be a very beneficial system for novices and veteran outdoor people alike. Unless otherwise stated all our courses are designed for an adult participants, we do take older teenagers if accompanied by a guardian and if you have any questions about this please feel free to call we are more than happy to chat and if we can acomodate your needs we will.


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# Course Title Start Date Finish date Price Apply Online
1 Development week Wed, 28 March 2018 Sun, 01 April 2018 75 EUR Per Seat

In our development weeks we work at getting the camp set up to run our courses in.  On them we will be working on many different projects in setting up for the year ahead.  These are run at a nominal fee just to cover costs and are open to anybody who wants to learn a bit more about our camp life in the woods and spend a bit of time under the trees, meeting old friends and making new ones.  Each year we take on an assistant to help out and we recommend if applying for this position that you come on this week so that we can all see how we work together. 

Tutor: Johnny Walshe
Location: Lisnavagh Co. Carlow
Level: Default